An All-Star Week…

Published on July 17, 2018 by Darren @ Betting Gods

The week of the All-Star break is typically one of the slower weeks in all of gambling. There is one big event to bet on for the week, and the game officially does not mean anything to the players. Still, the American League enters as favorites of (-126) on the money line. The National League will come in at (+114). The total sits at 7.

When breaking down the two lineups, it is interesting to note where some of the starting lineups are. Despite being voted to start all-stars, Bryce Harper for the NL and Jose Abreu on the AL are both in epic month-long slumps. Both will likely see one at-bat,and may not see the field from there.

It will be interesting to see how both managers navigate the situation. Still, overall, some of the National League bats are coming in a bit hotter. The American League is 23-6-1 in the past 30 seasons in this game, so for the spread to be so close, you know the NL has the bats.

Paul Goldschmidt, Nolan Arenado Javy Baez, and Nick Markakis are all peaking at the right time and might be in for some big games.

Speaking of the bats, this could be a night to look to the over. The game has been much more low scoring in recent years due to the playoff implications. However, now it is more of an entertaining situation.

With some of these hot bats could be a mix of some questionable pitching decisions. The total has been pushed down due to recent years but should be on the rise back up as regression comes.

If there is a play in this game, it is likely the over. If you are looking to bet, the National League at plus money should look strong.  They are better on paper and are the underdog due to the past perception.

MLB Second Half Preview

With little else on the dock, it would be better to give you an informed MLB second-half preview than a couple of quick WNBA hitters. We will go division by division and try to find value.

NL East

This division may come down to whether or not the Philadelphia Phillies can pull off the Manny Machado trade. They are hot, have the players and team around Machado to make it work.

Still, the value of the division is obviously still the Nationals. The Braves and Phillies are on the rise but are young teams. If the Nats can get healthy, 5.5 games are not hard to catch. That is why the Nationals are tied with the Braves at +200 odds. The Phillies lead slightly at +150.

NL Central

The Cubs only hold a 2.5 game lead on the Milwaukee Brewers yet are -300 in the division odds. We have seen the Brewers movie before and it ends badly in the second half. The Cubs are the right choice as chalk here.

NL West

The Dodgers sit at -150 over the Diamondbacks who are +200. The Dodgers are likely the call here as they can run away with the division if healthy. Still, the Diamondbacks have always been known to buy if needed.

AL East

All eyes are obviously on the Yankees and Red Sox. This is truly a toss-up and will come down to how the acquisitions in July work out. Stay tuned.

AL Central

The Indians sit at -10000. It is tough to discuss anything else. The question for them is whether or not they can gain ground on seeding.

AL West

The AL West is the same idea. The Astros are not a strong bet to win the division with steep, -800 odds. However, they are a good bet to win the World Series at this point. They have taken over their division and should ride into the playoffs hot while the Red Sox and Yankees duel it out.

Best Bets

Cubs to win NL Central
Nationals to win NL East
Astros to Win World Series

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