What Does A Semi & New York Have in Common?

Published on July 9, 2018 by Darren @ Betting Gods

6/10 World Cup Semi-Finals- France at Belgium

The semi-finals of the World Cup kick off with a European rivalry between Belgium and France. The two have a long historic rivalry dating back until 1904. Over their long history, Belgium leads the rivalry with 30 to 24 for France and 19 draws. However, in competitive matchups, France leads the rivalry 5-3-3. The two met recently in 2015, where Belgium was able to stave off France.

France has come out and played a slower, more methodical game over this World Cup. It has not resulted in pretty wins, but it has the team in great position to make a run now that the field is dwindling.

France has scored on each of their last six attempts. When they attempt a shot, it is a high-quality shot. Their pace of play also has them in position to break out, as arguably the most rested group in terms of on the field movement. The French could be in for an explosion in their semi-finals match.

On the other side is Belgium, who surprised many by knocking off Brazil. The game was by the goaltender, as Brazil put up an unreasonable 27 shots in their loss. Still, it really feels as though Belgium exhausted all of their efforts to stave off Brazil.

In France, you have a team ready to burst out and play even better. On the other side, we have a Belgium team that just gave every ounce of their energy to hang onto a win. France should be coming into this game as the right side. At a small price of (-129), it is worth it to look into France.

6/10 Oakland A’s vs Houston Astros

The Oakland A’s are hanging onto their playoff chances by a thread as they head to take on their AL West rivals the Houston Astros. Tuesday’s edition gives us one heck of a pitching matchup between Sean Manaea and Justin Verlander.

Verlander has been elite all season, posting a 2.15 ERA with a FIP in the twos as well. He is striking out over 11 hitters per nine innings and is walking less than two batters in that span. His production seems unlikely to fall off.

Across the hill is Sean Manaea, who has an ERA of 3.33 right now. Manaea has had his ups and his downs, but it appears as though he is starting to get hot. After six straight starts of allowing at least four runs, Manea has bounced back and allowed just two runs or less in five of his last six starts.

With Manea hot right now, and the A’s desperate to hang around into July, they should provide a strong defensive effort. A strong defensive effort is always expected for the Astros when Justin Verlander is on the hill.

This should be a good chance to find a first five innings under bet.

6/11 Philadelphia Phillies vs New York Mets

Another divisional battle with potential playoff implications is set in New York as the Mets get ready to take on the Philadelphia Phillies. On Wednesday, the Phils will send out Vincent Velasquez to take on Jake DeGrom.

DeGrom has had an excellent career for the Mets, but he has truly been elite, to the best of his ability this season. He comes in with an unreasonable 1.79 ERA. It does not get much better.

On the other side is Vincent Velasquez, who has been up and down over the course of his career. However, he may be finding a groove after giving up 10 runs in three innings. Since then, Velasquez has gone four starts, 21 innings, and has given up just 9 runs. He is hitting a stride.

He also faces a New York Mets team who has seen their hitting fall completely apart. This should be a strong start for Velasquez. On the other side, it is always a good idea to look to DeGrom. This has the makings of a game that could go five scoreless innings. Look to bet the first five under in this game.

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