Your Guide to Responsible Gambling

Betting Gods wants you to enjoy gambling. We have worked hard to create a safe, fair and ultimately fun environment to gamble responsibly in. However, like any form of entertainment, the word responsibly cannot be overstated enough.

So while we enjoy every bettor, from the casual fan to the frequent gambler, we do want to recognize the importance of practicing safe gambling so that you can enjoy the environment provided in the way that it was intended to be enjoyed.

There are many resources such as the National Council of Problem Gambling as well as Gamblers Anonymous, Gambling Help Online, and more.

However, we also want to do our part and provide some helpful notes and tips on how to practice responsible gambling.

Only Gamble What You can Afford to Lose

This is the number one tip, and the number reason for gamblers to fall into the category of a problem gambler. If you cannot afford to make the bet, do not make it. The number one rule of gambling is nothing is a sure thing, and biting off more than you can chew is a far too serious situation to be in to take lightly.

The easiest way to try avoid this situation is to do research into money management. A successful bettor will typically bet no more than 5% of what they would be prepared to financially lose. This ensures that even ugly losing streaks do not put you into ugly financial situations.

Consider Winnings a Long-Term Investment

Everyone wants gambling to be the lottery. You hit that big parlay and cashed out for a huge haul. That is the way gambling is portrayed, that is not the way gambling works. Gambling should be looked at as a savings account.

You put time and money into it, and at the end of the month you find yourself up with a little more discretionary funds than you put in. The account should be used to build up a larger profit and then use that profit to increase your risk.

This is income that you are not relying on, or expecting to cash out and use in the short term. This is income that you are okay with stashing away for a while and watching it grow over the years.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Which brings us to the next tip. If you are going in with the long-term in mind, you can understand losing streaks. They happen to the best gamblers in the world. However, in the long term, if you win more than you lose, you can ride the waves and deal with the bumps in the road.

If you come in with the mentality that this is a quick cash out, you are going to push your limits and lose out. It has been determined that a bettor is more likely to a smarter, more successful bet coming off of a winning bet than a losing bet.

It is because it is human nature after winning a bet to expect luck to come back down to earth. Therefore, more work is done to avoid the fall off. After losing, the idea to press and win it back quickly becomes the nature and the bettor makes a bet without the adequate research done.

The mindset you use when going into gambling will completely determine how your experience goes.

When the Fun Stops…

Lastly, just remember, you are gambling for fun. It is like spending money on a drink or two at the bar. You can afford to lose the money, and if you do it responsibly it can add excitement. Of course, in gambling, there is the potential trade-off of added profit.

However, that is where the mindset has to come back into play. If gambling becomes stressful, or it becomes an added weight on your shoulders whether due to financial, personal or medical reasons, it is time to stop or seek information.

We are all here for a fun experience with wins, and losses, ups and downs on both sides. So, stay calm, practice responsible gambling, have fun and of course, may the luck be with you!